Lara believes the secret to an unforgettable meal is finding the very best produce and celebrating it’s natural flavour. Thus simplicity and quality are at the helm of her cooking.


Lara’s training begun in the organic farm kitchen of Ballymaloe in Ireland, furthered at The Ritz, London after which she has worked in kitchens all over the world. Most recently at The Garden Café of The Newt in Somerset, where the menu is led by the estate gardens. 

Lara believes that our food should nourish, energise and excite us, meaning that vibrant, light but satisfying creations are what she does best.

Having studied at the Institute of Integrative  Nutrition, she gained a deeper understanding of cooking food to support wellbeing. 

When she's not cooking, Lara also practices yoga and meditation, collecting 300 hours of teacher training in Goa. Foraging, photography, reading, writing and painting are her rituals of downtime. 


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