• Lara

O A T. M I L K.


I used 1:10 ratio of oats to water, so for 100g oats, use 1 litre water. 250g oats to 2.5l of water etc. This gives a fairly watery consistency but I find it works perfectly in my coffee, you can increase the amount of oats for a slightly creamier result.

Place the oats and water (1l is probably enough for tea/coffee/cereal for a few days) in a clean jug or container and cover. Leave to soak over night.

Blend the oats and water together, in stages - don't over fill your blender / food mixer or you'll have oat water everywhere. Strain the blended mix in a sieve rested over another clean jug or jar, I put the left over oats back through the blender a couple of times to really get the most out of them. *Don't throw these oats away, they can be used for a fine porridge or added to a smoothie.

Your milk may need to be stirred as it will separate. Store airtight in the fridge for 3-4 days.

You can add a pinch of sea salt or cinnamon or a scraping of vanilla pod to flavour if you fancy.

My friend Bobbie has made delicious hot chocolate by adding cocoa and gently heating until the starch begins to thicken making a glossy cup of cocoa, yum.

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